Whitepaper Explores How Small Practices Achieve Big Benefits with Affordable Clinical Chemistry Analyzer Technology

July 12, 2013

BEDFORD, MASSACHUSETTS, USA — July 12, 2013 — Physicians and small practices face a variety of options when evaluating solutions for their patients’ laboratory tests. A new whitepaper discusses the options and advantages available — from outsourcing to in-house labs — as compared to a new more affordable generation clinical analyzer technology. Titled “How Small Practices Achieve Big Benefits with Affordable Clinical Analyzer Technology,” the paper is free and available to download here.

The paper explains how quality of patient care is the foremost consideration when evaluating any test solution. It further explores how traditional options — such as sending test samples to an outside reference laboratory or performing tests in-house with older-model clinical chemistry analyzers — can affect practice business revenue, personnel, and productivity.

Among the alternatives, the paper explains how many small practices are turning instead to a newer, more efficient — and in some cases much more affordable — generation of clinical chemistry analyzer technology.

The paper explores such considerations as: affordability and related advantages; rightsizing and right pricing in regards to workload; hands-on time and maintenance; and automation and interface capabilities.

Modern clinical chemistry analyzers incorporate considerable improvements over legacy models, according to the paper. The new instruments save time and effort while reducing the chance for error. A select few also meet the affordability goals of a smaller in-house laboratory. By carefully choosing the right model of clinical chemistry analyzer, small medical practices can increase revenues while improving their standards of patient care.

Download a copy of “How Small Practices Achieve Big Benefits with Affordable Clinical Analyzer Technology,” at http://www.medicacorp.com/clinical-chemistry-analyzer.

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