Medica Corporation’s EasyCell® assistant Competency Review Software Integrates Evaluations of Laboratory Technologists into Daily Routine

July 29, 2013

BEDFORD, MASSACHUSETTS, USA, July 29, 2013 – Medica Corporation’s Competency Review Software for its EasyCell assistant cell imaging system for hematology laboratories easily integrates evaluations of technologists into the lab’s daily routine.

With the software, an instructor can easily train and evaluate the expertise of a laboratory technologist in classifying white cells and red cell morphology — for performance improvement or periodic recertification. The software is an excellent tool for improving or standardizing a technologist’s performance.

Medica’s Competency Review Software is available as an optional feature of Medica’s EasyCell assistant. The EasyCell assistant automates and simplifies the cell differential process by locating and preclassifying normal white blood cells.

Features of the Competency Review Software include:

Medica’s Competency Review Software is available immediately.

The EasyCell assistant typically reduces active sample review times up to 50% over the manual differentiation process while improving technologist’s efficiency, accuracy, and precision. Cutting the time required to perform manual blood cell differentials and suggesting normal cells enables technologists to quickly review the suggested classifications — and then devote more time to the analysis of abnormal cells.

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