Maryland Oncology Hematology Employs Medica’s EasyRA Clinical Chemistry Analyzer to Improve Lab Efficiency, Reduce Cost: Case Study

October 15, 2013

BEDFORD, Mass. — Oct. 15, 2013 — A case study details how Maryland Oncology Hematology is employing Medica’s EasyRA® Clinical Chemistry Analyzer to increase efficiency and reduce costs at its on-site clinical laboratory — while improving overall patient care.

Maryland Oncology Hematology in Columbia, Md. is a full-service outpatient cancer treatment and testing facility. Visited by 80 to 100 patients a day, the practice provides a variety of cancer treatment therapies including chemotherapy, infusion therapy, injections, and therapeutic phlebotomies. The practice houses a state-accredited clinical laboratory that provides convenient and immediate testing results for patient convenience.

A routine yet essential service performed by many medical centers across the country, including Maryland Oncology Hematology, is the testing of blood samples. Lab technicians work with the patient and their doctor to administer and review blood test results to better guide treatment.

When Maryland Oncology Hematology moved to a new and larger facility, and established a new onsite clinical lab, the practice identified clinical chemistry as work that could be performed in-house. Lab Director Kendra Davies evaluated bench top clinical chemistry analyzers that would meet their four-person lab’s needs and which could be integrated with the lab’s workflow — without requiring additional staffing.

Based on interviews with Davies, the case study reviews how Maryland Oncology Hematology selected and now employs Medica Corporation’s EasyRA chemistry analyzer to realize greater laboratory efficiency and coordination of patient tests, while reducing overall cost. From shorter turnaround time to improved patient care, the case details how the EasyRA chemistry analyzer transformed the way Maryland Oncology Hematology conducted its day-to-day lab Chemistry workload.

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