Moderately Complex Drugs of Abuse Testing

Medica’s EasyRA® Clinical Chemistry System combines moderately complex drugs of abuse and routine chemistry on a single, easy-to-use, moderately complex benchtop analyzer.

Medica Corporation is pleased to announce the commercial release of a moderately complex urine drug testing (UDT) panel on its signature EasyRA Clinical Chemistry System. The broad test menu complements pain management clinics, drug treatment facilities, and physician office laboratories. The all in one system will allow your facility to routinely screen for drugs of abuse while assessing patient overall wellness with our proven and reliable drugs of abuse and chemistry reagents.

With the increasing number of on-market single use drug screening systems such as dipsticks, cassettes and cartridges making the right choice can be difficult. By downloading this document, we will facilitate your decision making and show you how your facility will benefit from UDT on the all-in-one EasyRA system.

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