Boston Children’s Hospital Completes Successful Laboratory Evaluation

September 10, 2013

BEDFORD, MASSACHUSETTS, U.S.A. — Sept. 10, 2013 — Boston Children’s Hospital has completed a successful clinical laboratory evaluation of Medica Corporation’s EasyCell® assistant, used to automate white cell differentials. A new case study, summarizing the evaluation, is available to download from

The EasyCell assistant is a state-of-the-art hematology system that uses image-processing and pattern-recognition technologies to automatically locate white cells on a blood smear, pre-classify normal cells, and present them to a technologist for review on an LCD display. In addition, the system presents images of red cells and platelets for performance of red cell morphology and platelet estimate.

Boston Children’s Hospital is a specialized 425-bed pediatric center with a wide reputation for its early adoption of promising new medical technology. Kyle Riding, a laboratory science lecturer at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth and a medical technologist at Boston Children’s Core Lab, led the evaluation of the EasyCell assistant.

The Core Lab is a busy place, averaging 300 CBCs per shift. It is an ideal site for evaluating whether advanced technology like the EasyCell assistant — without making any changes in existing methods for slide preparation and staining — could improve laboratory efficiency.

“The EasyCell assistant’s precise cell pre-classification enhanced our technologists’ confidence in their analyses,” Riding said. “In addition, the instrument was highly reliable, easy to learn and maintain, and fit well in the laboratory’s workflow. You are able to get results faster and in a more consistent manner, which should result in better and faster patient diagnoses. We believe that this type of technology represents the future of the hematology laboratory.”

The new case study, “Boston Children’s Hospital: Laboratory Evaluation of the EasyCell assistant summarizes the results of the study. It’s available from the Medica Corporation website at

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